Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sleep No More

As the cold season began once again, I had the opportunity to visit my favorite city: New York. It had been not less than two years since I last had the pleasure of setting foot in the city that never sleeps. This year, I had the opportunity of experiencing things I had never experienced before. My first night there was full of unforgettable performances such as the popular broadway show Wicked and the unique, one and only Sleep No More, which is based on Shakespeares's Macbeth. On my second day, I got to visit two of my favorite spots in New York, which are Central Park and the steps of The Met. I also got to eat delicious New York pizza and shop/walk around Soho. My last day consisted of sight seeing. I had being to New York twice before but I hadn't had the chance to experience the city from the Empire State; apart from the freezing cold on the 72nd floor, it was breathtaking. I also tried the famous Shake Shak(burgers) on Madison Park and yes, the one hour long line to order was worth it. To end the night, Times Square never gets old; the lights, the broadway shows, and the people full of hopes and dreams surrounding you make you feel like anything is possible. I will never get tired of my New York.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Strange Magic

With Tavi Gevinson
With my friend Demi

Last night my friend Demi and I got to go to "Strange Magic", which was Tavi's(from Style Rookie) magazine(Rookiemag) opening party. The magical art show took place at Space 15 Twenty in West Hollywood, where girls showed up in all kinds of unique outfits that could inspire even the most uncaring person. The room was decorated with hippie art pieces that represented girl power and were made by Tavi Gevinson and her new magazine partners, Petra Collins and Hazel Cills, who enjoyed seeing their lovely fans getting inspired by their work. Girls also enjoyed the event by shopping some of Tavi's unique creations such as flowered sunglasses, bedazzled candles, and vintage clothing pieces. Every art piece was full of detail, color, and creativity that really made it a magical event. And if that wasn't enough magic to lighten your day, you could end your night by going crazy inside the event's photobooth!