Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Got a Fake Tattoo Just Because I Wanted To

Okay, so today I didn´t have much to do, until I had a great idea... I´ve been wanting to get a tattoo, but I have to really think about it because
I still want to be able to donate blood and I´ve heard that if you get a tattoo, you can´t donate blood anymore. So I thought, why don´t I just get a fake tattoo? why not, you know? One of those that last for a month or so...a Henna Tattoo. So my cousins and me went to a tattoo shop to get some. The thing was that I didn´t know what to get so I thought, why don´t I just write, "I got a fake tatto just because I wanted to"? I ended up loving it! Here are some pictures of it^