Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bow In The Hat

I've been wanting to do a "Do It Yourself" post for a while now and I just found the perfect thing to do it about that will be useful this season and the upcoming one. Recently I saw a really cute hat with a bow on it and I loved it! Then I realized that I could actually do it myself and save myself at least $20.
Below are 5 easy steps of how to do it. You'll only need a hat and a piece of fabric. Maybe you have an old hat that you haven't used in a while because it doesn't grab your attention anymore...well, this is your chance to transform it into a lovely/trendy new item!
Example: Picture from Urban Outfitters below:

1. Get a piece of the fabric from which you want your bow to be.
2. Cut a little strand from it [like the one below]. You will need this later in order to tight the bow.

3. Fold the piece of fabric into a square depending on how big you want your bow to be.

4. Grab/squeeze the square from the middle part and with the little strand you'll tight the bow exactly in the middle.

5. Attach the bow to the part of the hat where you want it to be.

You can do as many as you want to!



  1. Such a cute idea!! Too bad I already bought one of those hats with a bow from UO last year... but I am def gonna make another one with this post!!


  2. what a great idea! I'm going to steal it from you ;)

  3. I love this idea! Thanks for commenting on my blog- I just moved!

    Caumera Juanese

  4. oh, that's such a great idea -i like!


  5. omgosh i looove this DIY tutorial! am going to try it out now hehe. always wanted a bow for something. so cute.

  6. ahhhh love this! I was actually going to buy that UO hat but I'll defo try this out. Thanks!


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